Who do you work with?

I mainly work with families and couples for brief as well as long-term work.  I work with children and young people either on their own for brief work, or with their families for longer term work.  I work with individuals relationally, and also see individuals in the context of family or couple work.  When I see young people on their own, I ask to meet their families for at least one session in order to connect the therapeutic work to their support networks.

I work with a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities, same-sex and different-sex couples, and young people who describe themselves as non-binary gender. 

What family issues do you work with?

I work with the difficulties and issues that you want to bring.  These may include relationship difficulties, loss and bereavement, adapting to change as a family, health challenges for children and adults, managing stress and anxiety including school refusal, managing risky behaviours such as self-harm or eating disorders.  

What are the length and frequency of sessions?

A session is one hour.  I usually see you every 2 to 4 weeks, but this will be worked out with you when we meet for the first time.  Sometimes two to three sessions is enough for you,; other times I meet with people for a year or more.    I also offer ‘top up’ sessions two to three months after the end of therapy, to review how you and your family are doing.

Who should be invited to the sessions?

I will discuss this with you on the phone.  Sometimes it works best for the whole family to come to the first session, at other times it may be best for parents, or a parent, to come alone.  If you are asking for couple work, I will meet both of you at the first session.

What should I expect from the first family therapy session?

The first session is mainly about you getting to know me and how I work, and for me about understanding what it is you need from therapy and how I can help.  

I will want to hear from everybody something about what the problem is and what is my task.  I’ll ask a little about your family background and the history of the difficulties you are experiencing.  I’ll also ask you if you’d like to come back, and if so, who should attend the next session.

How much do family therapy sessions cost?

I charge £70 per hour for families, couples and individuals.

I charge £60 per hour for supervision.  

Do you see couples or family members separately?

Occasionally it can be helpful to the family work or couple work to see people individually for one or two sessions.   

Are the sessions confidential?

I respect confidentiality at all times.  However, there may be times I will share information with other professionals or family members, either with your permission, or if I have concerns about safety.  When I am working with children and young people, I am clear with them that I communicate with their parent or carer, and discuss with them what I share and what I do not share.  

What happens if I want to cancel?

If you cancel within 24 hours of our session I will charge the full fee.  Otherwise there is no charge.