Systemic Supervision

I supervise people who work with couples and families, and who work with children and young people.  I supervise qualified systemic psychotherapists as well as trainees, and I have ‘live’ supervised Masters level students at the IPPN,  King’s College London, and at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

I supervise professionals who are not systemically trained but who are interested in systemic approaches, especially in relation to working with children and young people.  I also supervise managers in organisations who are looking for a systemic approach to their management practice.    

I usually offer monthly one hour sessions, and am very willing to have email contact with my supervisees between sessions to support their practice.  Under certain circumstances, I offer Skype supervision.

Usually individuals ask me to supervise them for their private practice, but I am sometimes commissioned by organisations to offer supervision for their employees.   I have supported supervisees in the process of becoming accredited, and see as part of my role not only providing clinical supervision for their practice and a reflective space for their learning, but also professional development, support and encouragement. 


I have worked in primary and secondary schools since 1999, and offer consultation to pastoral staff in schools who might benefit from support and a reflective space to think about their work with children.  This may be in the form of small group support on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, or may be individual support and advice for SENCOs on a regular or ad hoc basis.


I am co-lead of a Foundation course in Family Interventions for Adults, with a special focus on families living with psychosis and with dementia.   I am also a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Surrey University, and teach at the Tavistock Centre. .     

I have taught a number of one-day or half-day trainings on subjects including ‘working with risk and young people’, and ‘story-telling as a therapeutic tool’. 

I am at times able to offer trainings to groups of professional people.